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Me= Becky Morgan, from Melbourne but now live in East Orlando. Wife of a cancer survivor and the most wonderful man (everyone says that don't they?!), mother of my two angels Ava and Ashton, sister to a twin who is 6 years older than me (you're trying to figure that out aren't you?!), daughter to the weirdest parents I've ever met whom I owe everything to. I am addicted to coffee, thinks sugar and microwaves will kill us all (yet I eat and use them way too much!), say I am outdoorsy but freak out over bugs, spend way too much time on pinterest and other blogs (but don't we all), still dream of being a broadway star BUT most importanly have a passion for weddings and events that comes from deep within my sole! I love helping clients achieve their dream! After graduating from UCF's Rosen School of Hospitality I founded L.I.F.E. Events. We service clients throughout Florida including Central Florida and the Space Coast (Melbourne/Vero). We help design, create and execute every detail! Feel free to always email Becky@lifeeventsllc.com to set up an apt...over coffee of course :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

The simple things in...weddings!

You know the saying, "its the simple things in life". Well the same can applies to weddings in my opinion. I think some of the most personal touches on events are those that are the most simplest too! It doesnt take hundreds of dollars or even hours of work to put a special touch on something to make it that much more memorable! Our example today is a simple personalized name on a wooden hanger for your bridesmaid dresses (if you are an amazing bride purchasing their dresses as their gift :)) when you present it to them! Not only are you awesome in paying for something they more than likely will only wear one time (though the dresses today are very versatile!)your presenting it to them in a way that shows you took your time in making it memorable for them (as easy as it was!)...an "awwww" moment as they receive it and we all know that its the "awww" moments in life that are remembered :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alice in Wonderland...yes please!

No I wouldnt do an Alice in Wonderland theme for your wedding but for your child's birthday...a definite yes! L.I.F.E. Events designs, creates and executes events for all occasions and this weeks post goes to kids parties!

I've always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland and when I came across this photo it was perfect! The perfect blend of bright colors, funky patterns and great texture complete the scene for an awesome kids candy buffet....let alone all the yummy candies!

Add to this invitations in the format of the queen of hearts card and tea for all and your party is almost complete :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"My business is to create...."

Not only a line from one of my favorite tear jerker movies but pretty much sums up my purpose in life....well what I like to believe is my purpose atleast!

People tend to say that you are either born with the gift or not and I disagree with that. Anyone can be creative, sometimes you just need some guidance :) Thats what I am here for...oh and websites such as pinterest! I give huge thanks to the creators of Pinterest for coming up with such an amazing idea (if only I had thought of it!). Not only has it allowed me to go over budget each month, put on pounds thanks to the amazing recipes posted (especially all the smores recipes...hello!!) but its also turned all my "not-so-crafty" brides into experts leaving me with more work...not so sure why I love sites like this after all :) kidding, kidding! My favorite couples are my creative ones...if you come to me and think you arent you will be after planning with me!

Since I dont think websites such as this are going anywhere for quite a while I figured I'd do some more browsing and then found these.

Something so cute and simple as the "last chance to run" sign will be remembered by many guests for quite a long time and about the easiest thing you could make for your ceremony....and lets add the most important detail, cost effective!

Then a guest book made from rocks...seriously?! Again, not only simple and cheap but most importantly something different and unique and what will have your guests talking.

Your wedding should be a reflextion of your personality as a couple, anything but cookie cutter! Now go on....CREATE!!!!