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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Colors, Colors, EVERYWHERE!!

Looking back when I started planning my wedding I found one of the hardest decisions I made were the colors I wanted to use. I had so many visions in my head of combos that I could do. Mango and cherry, soft pink and green, black and white...the list went on and on and though some were easy to throw out my "short" list still had about 5 combos before I knew what I wanted.
Ive found many brides to have the same conflict. They want a color combo but think since their wedding is outside by the beach it wont work or the colors are too dull for their fancy ballroom reception. Or the color they want doesnt come in the tux/bridesmaid dresses they knew they wanted all along. Whatever the case Ive found it that many deal with this challenge!
My advice to all brides is really think about your personal style as a couple and let's pair that with a color combo that will work well with the style you want for your big day. If you are a modern couple look for bold colors or an accent print that could be used for the napkins or table overlays. For more conservative couples that still want something a little flashy think ivory and soft colors with splashes of a strong accent color!
Once you think of who you are as a couple and what style you are leaning to for your wedding the colors should come a little easier!
Though it is a hard decision its not one to put off until late in the planning. Choosing a color scheme will want to be one of the first items you check off as you will find all the many little details will work around this in some fashion!
Happy color choosing!