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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Smile and Say CHEESE!


One thing I advise my couples is to research photo inspiration and save ideas they see and like. If you find a great photographer most will have the experience needed to know what poses work and what doesnt however the majority wont come with a box of props...

The last thing you want to do is say "oh I wish I would have" or "that would have been so cute" when you see someone elses photos or look back at your big day.

Think about your guests coming who arent in your bridal party or are immediate family and make sure you let your photographer know so that you wont forget to get a photo with them...trust me it will be the last thing on your mind come the big day! Again if you have a great photographer, or better yet coordinator, they will know to ask you this question and make sure its done! You think of the food/drinks/decor/music/vows, whats one more item to add to your list?!

But back to props...this is where the fun comes in and why we love to book crafty brides who enjoy all the small touches. Some ideas Ive seen over and over but some I found were new to me and just fell in love with (ie: moms framing their "babies"...too cute) and guys "oohing and awwing" at his ring = priceless! Photos dont have to include an actual "prop" if its unique and fun like this!

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